• Sewing

    Corduroy Pants

    This is my second time sewing up the Dawn Jeans pattern by Megan Nielsen. You can see my first pair of Dawn Jeans here. This time I made the wide leg version. Like before, I cut a size 4 in the waist and blended to a size 6 in the hips with no other pattern alterations. The fit is roomy and comfy. The fabric is a cotton pinwale corduroy with some mechanical give. I’m continuing to slowly make progress on stash busting! This corduroy has been in my stash for 6 years. The first pieces I started sewing were the pockets. I was using a heavy jeans needle without thinking…

  • Knitting

    Agathis Hat

    This hat is another stash-busting project! I originally purchased this yarn 9 years ago to knit a pair of mittens. The leftover yarn has been waiting around in my stash for that long! And I still have 65 grams of this yarn left. The hat used 70 grams and the pom-pom used 7 grams. I found the pattern easy to follow, and I'm very happy with the finished product!

  • Weaving

    Heating Pad

    My sweetheart and I worked on this project together as a gift for his parents. We had recently finished building a floor inkle loom together when we got a request for a heating pad as our first weaving project. We had designed the loom based on photos we found online. Unfortunately, the wooden pegs wound up bending significantly under the tension of the warp yarn, but we did successfully weave this warp-faced fabric! We then folded the fabric length-wise, sewed up the sides, and filled it with field corn. To heat the pad up, you put it in the microwave. This project was certainly a learning experience regarding this type…

  • Sewing

    ABQFI Production

    Earlier this month, I went back to New Mexico to participate in the production phase of the ABQ Fashion Incubator volunteer program. The goal of this event was to produce children’s winter coats for charitable donation to a community in need. I wrote a quick blog entry about the pre-production phase in July. This time, I spent 5 days at the sewing factory with approximately 25 other volunteers. The first day, we got to work plotting the marker, spreading the fabric, and cutting. The cutting took about 3 days. The fabrics we used included a wool melton coating and kasha satin lining. We spread the fabric 15 plies thick, and…

  • Sewing

    Khaki Dawn Jeans

    Last month I sewed up my first pair of jean style pants! The pattern is Dawn Jeans by Megan Nielsen. I made the straight leg version. Following the size chart, I cut a size 4 in the waist and blended to a size 6 in the hips with no other pattern alterations. I found the pattern easy to follow, although I wanted to find an easier way to sew the fly, so I followed the method shown in this Youtube video by Taylor4u. My machine (a Janome 8077) handled this project well until I reached the waistband. Then the bulky seams led to some challenges. The machine pushed through though, and…

  • Sewing

    A Simple Dress

    For a long time, I’ve wanted to dive deep into pattern making. I’ve been dabbling for quite a while, but now I’m hoping to begin making greater progress. Earlier this year, I drafted a new set of slopers after having outgrown my old ones. I used the European method as taught by Elizabeth Allemong in her self-published book European Cut. I have had wonderful luck with this method and highly recommend it to others! Now I am beginning to apply basic pattern making techniques to create style patterns. I’ve studied pattern making in school and through independent study, but for this knowledge to become practical, I have to apply it…

  • Sewing

    ABQFI Pre-Production

    Earlier this month, I attended a four-day pre-production program in Albuquerque, New Mexico, hosted by Kathleen at ABQ Fashion Incubator. Approximately 10 volunteers came to this planning and training event where we learned about what is involved in preparing for apparel production. Pre-preproduction was phase 1, and the next trip will be phase 2: production! The goal of this volunteer program is to produce children’s coats for charity. Below I’ve listed some of the topics we learned about during the pre-production phase. I won’t go into too much detail about all I learned, but if you’re interested, I encourage you to take a look at the wealth of information on…

  • Knitting

    Marhaven Shawl

    It’s been a while since I posted any new projects! Hopefully, I will start posting more often as I have plans to do some “stash-busting” this summer. I started knitting this shawl last summer and finished it in January. We’re seeing the arrival of spring and pleasant weather in Michigan, so I finally took some photos! The yarn is sport-weight and 100% Merino Rambouillet wool, made in Michigan. The pattern is Sugar Mountain by Amy Christoffers. I am quite happy with how the shawl turned out, although it is a bit smaller than I first expected. I followed the instructions for the largest size, and I used the recommended needle…

  • Knitting

    Tweed Cardigan

    I’ve finally finished knitting this cardigan I started making an eternity ago! The pattern is Williamette by Amy Christoffers. I very much like the design, especially the slanted pockets. The pattern calls for an i-cord edging instead of a buttonband. I wanted the front panels to overlap a bit when buttoned, in order to help keep out the cold, so I omitted the i-cord and added a 2×2 rib buttonband instead. Adding the band did alter the design of the neckline/collar, and I think it looks nice this way as well! The tweed yarn is a wool blend in worsted weight.

  • Sewing

    Heidi Pullover

    For years I’ve admired the designs of Anna Allen Clothing Company, and now I’m excited to see that Anna is beginning to publish sewing patterns! I sewed up a top using her Heidi Pullover pattern and a navy blue linen from my fabric collection. I’m very happy with the result! The pattern features a v-neck with neckline facing detail, a two-piece back yoke, a gathered back, and vented side seams. The diagrams and photos included in the sewing directions were helpful, although a beginner may find the instructions a little vague. The size I made fits me well with no fit modifications. However, I did modify the length of the…