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2017 was quite an eventful year for me! Last February I embarked on a 6 month trip to Peru, where I interned for a non-profit organization that works with indigenous artisans to help generate more income from their textile crafts. The artisan women are talented weavers, knitters, and crocheters, and they regularly produce their own designs to sell to the local tourist market. The non-profit organization, by designing a collection of fashion products that appeals to modern tastes and trends, seeks to help the women connect to markets beyond the local tourists. The products that the organization designs are skillfully crafted by the indigenous women and then sold on the non-profit’s online shop as well as at various boutiques throughout the US.

My experience with hand-knitting led to my becoming the knitwear designer while I was there. I was able to complete the designs for 7 accessories. The process included knitting the prototype samples, writing the knitting instructions, and assisting with the translation of the instructions into Spanish. The following photos are of my designs!

A lightweight hat with cables and bobbles.
A densely cabled fingerless mitten with a central motif.
A heavyweight cabled hat to pair with the matching fingerless mittens.
A wide headband with an elastic chevron design.
Fingerless mittens with chevron stitch pattern to complement the matching headband.
A simple stockinette hat made with alpaca yarn, handspun by the artisans. The challenge with this product is knitting the hat to be the correct size. Handspun yarn has a natural irregularity that makes achieving the gauge required by the pattern rather difficult even for the most experienced knitters.
A lightweight flip-top mitten with cables, loop, and button.

I returned to Michigan from Peru in mid-August, and now I’m settled back in and working full-time. My hope for 2018 is to develop a small line of knitwear patterns to publish here and on Ravelry!

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