Watson Bra

This is the fourth bra that I’ve sewn and the third bra I’ve made from the Watson pattern, but it’s my first blogged lingerie project. I enjoyed making this relaxed bra style as an introduction into bra making that didn’t involve as many fabrics and trims (like underwires, channeling, etc.). The simplicity of the pattern was nice so that I could get more comfortable with applying the elastics and sewing with foam. Bra making has also added to my experience and confidence sewing with stretch knits. I’m very happy with the construction quality I put into this project but not quite as satisfied with the fit. I’ve tried a couple different sizes in this pattern so far, but I don’t think I’ve landed on the right one yet. I plan to try a new pattern for the next bra I sew.

I used a stretch jersey for the shell of the bra and the bridge is lined to help give it stability. It is recommended to use a fabric that does not stretch for the bridge so that it can be stable enough to keep it’s shape and provide support. The lining fabric I used from does stretch a little even though the website description says it shouldn’t, which means the bridge isn’t quite as stable as I had hoped. Also, the shell and lining stretch differently so that the shell doesn’t lay smoothly when worn. These are just useful observations for next time!

Sewing with tissue paper beneath the fabric really helps when sewing stretch knits or other fabrics that don’t feed through the machine well, especially at the start of a seam. After sewing the seam, which perforates the tissue, the paper can be torn away.

Pattern: Watson Bra, option B, by Cloth Habit
Size: 32A
Shell fabric: peachskin microfiber jersey, 85% polyester/15% spandex
Secondary fabrics: poly laminate foam and 100% nylon lining (15 denier)

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