• Knitting

    Marhaven Shawl

    It’s been a while since I posted any new projects! Hopefully, I will start posting more often as I have plans to do some “stash-busting” this summer. I started knitting this shawl last summer and finished it in January. We’re seeing the arrival of spring and pleasant weather in Michigan, so I finally took some photos! The yarn is sport-weight and 100% Merino Rambouillet wool, made in Michigan. The pattern is Sugar Mountain by Amy Christoffers. I am quite happy with how the shawl turned out, although it is a bit smaller than I first expected. I followed the instructions for the largest size, and I used the recommended needle…

  • Knitting

    Tweed Cardigan

    I’ve finally finished knitting this cardigan I started making an eternity ago! The pattern is Williamette by Amy Christoffers. I very much like the design, especially the slanted pockets. The pattern calls for an i-cord edging instead of a buttonband. I wanted the front panels to overlap a bit when buttoned, in order to help keep out the cold, so I omitted the i-cord and added a 2×2 rib buttonband instead. Adding the band did alter the design of the neckline/collar, and I think it looks nice this way as well! The tweed yarn is a wool blend in worsted weight.

  • Sewing

    Heidi Pullover

    For years I’ve admired the designs of Anna Allen Clothing Company, and now I’m excited to see that Anna is beginning to publish sewing patterns! I sewed up a top using her Heidi Pullover pattern and a navy blue linen from my fabric collection. I’m very happy with the result! The pattern features a v-neck with neckline facing detail, a two-piece back yoke, a gathered back, and vented side seams. The diagrams and photos included in the sewing directions were helpful, although a beginner may find the instructions a little vague. The size I made fits me well with no fit modifications. However, I did modify the length of the…

  • Designs,  Knitting

    Tiller Hat

    I recently designed and knit a hat as a gift for someone special to me. This 1×1 rib stitch was knit using Fisherman’s Rib, which uses a technique of knitting every other stitch through the round below in order to make the ribs more pronounced. The yarn is a superwash Merino wool in DK weight. I am considering this project a prototype because there are a couple of things I would change. I have a plan for how to better stagger the crown shaping, and I would like to use a different stitch for the decreases. I will probably also use a larger yarn next time, as the DK weight…

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    Internship Designs

    2017 was quite an eventful year for me! Last February I embarked on a 6 month trip to Peru, where I interned for a non-profit organization that works with indigenous artisans to help generate more income from their textile crafts. The artisan women are talented weavers, knitters, and crocheters, and they regularly produce their own designs to sell to the local tourist market. The non-profit organization, by designing a collection of fashion products that appeals to modern tastes and trends, seeks to help the women connect to markets beyond the local tourists. The products that the organization designs are skillfully crafted by the indigenous women and then sold on the non-profit’s…

  • Blog

    New Year, New Blog!

    Welcome to my new craft blog! My name is Suzanne, and I’m mainly a knitter and seamstress, although I crochet, tat, and do a few other textile crafts as well. Here I will share about my projects and try to share useful resources as well. I’ve been crocheting since I was a child, and I learned to knit as a teenager. Around age 18 I learned to sew and tat. I worked as a seamstress in bridal alterations for a few years, which taught me an immense amount about sewing and fitting garments, and it gave me a dose of confidence. I also studied fashion at university, and I am…