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    Burgundy Skirt

    This button-front skirt made in polyester/cotton broadcloth is my most recent pattern drafting project. Starting from my sloper, I closed the darts, balanced the side seams, added pleats, and drafted a straight waistband with 1.25″ positive ease. That much ease is comfortable for sitting, but I find that the waistband is a bit too big to sit exactly at waist as intended. For future skirts, I plan to either incorporate a bit of elastic in a straight waistband or draft a contoured waistband that sits slightly lower on the body so that the extra room for sitting is available, but the skirt will sit in the intended location when standing.…

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    Great Lakes Hat, Proto 2

    Here’s another edition of my Great Lakes Hat design. I made this prototype a few months ago. For this version, I altered the gauge a bit. The pattern still needs some revision work, and that’s okay; it’s work for another day. I enjoy wearing this hat nevertheless! Yarn: 100% merino wool, DK weight

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    Great Lakes Hat, Proto 1

    I knit this hat quite a while ago and am finally sharing it here. The design was inspired by the waves traveling across Lake Michigan, thus the name: Great Lakes Hat. It’s an original design that I was anticipating self-publishing. I’ve decided not to release the pattern for the time being. There are some changes I would like to make to the pattern first, but now’s not the right time. I’m not sure if I’ll release the pattern in the future or not, but I did learn a lot from the design process for this project, and I’m looking forward to applying what I’ve learned to future projects. Yarn: Zitron…

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    Tiller Hat

    I recently designed and knit a hat as a gift for someone special to me. This 1×1 rib stitch was knit using Fisherman’s Rib, which uses a technique of knitting every other stitch through the round below in order to make the ribs more pronounced. The yarn is a superwash Merino wool in DK weight. I am considering this project a prototype because there are a couple of things I would change. I have a plan for how to better stagger the crown shaping, and I would like to use a different stitch for the decreases. I will probably also use a larger yarn next time, as the DK weight…

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    Internship Designs

    2017 was quite an eventful year for me! Last February I embarked on a 6 month trip to Peru, where I interned for a non-profit organization that works with indigenous artisans to help generate more income from their textile crafts. The artisan women are talented weavers, knitters, and crocheters, and they regularly produce their own designs to sell to the local tourist market. The non-profit organization, by designing a collection of fashion products that appeals to modern tastes and trends, seeks to help the women connect to markets beyond the local tourists. The products that the organization designs are skillfully crafted by the indigenous women and then sold on the non-profit’s…